Your Guide

From Polynesian, Chinese and French origin, Yvette was born in Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas Islands, grew up on Tahiti Island then studied Tourism in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France.

As a student, she makes “pareos” to sell during summer in order to live her passion for travel and the discovery of new cultures. She visits Morocco, Russia and travels backpacking around Europe, visiting Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Back to Polynesia, she follows a training of tourist animator with the best specialists in Tahiti such as Manouche Lehartel, at that time Director of the Museum of Tahiti and her islands, Maco Tevane, member of the Tahitian Academy or Michel Guérin, Director of the Botanical Garden.
This training gives birth to her passion for Polynesian culture, botany and local crafts.
Then began a long professional career in catering, training and working for hotels.
After a position of entertainment and public relations manager in a Grand Hotel in Bora Bora, then many years managing a large self-service restaurant in Tahiti, Yvette feels the need to rediscover her origins and the authenticity of the distant islands and so returns to the Marquesas Islands where she trains young people in the tourism professions, especially as touristic guides.
Twenty years after her first stay in Moorea, she fulfills her dream and settles on the sister island. First, she trains the Sofitel Hotel staff to learn about Polynesian culture then joins the team as public relations manager.
Rich of her professional experiences, Yvette sets herself on a new challenge by creating Moorea VIP Tours so as to share with visitors her love for her adopted island, her enthusiasm and her passion for hospitality, botany and culture.

Experience and enjoy an exceptional moment during your stay in Moorea by spending a day with your passionate guide about Culture and Botanics !